Selective Intellectualism

If thirty days of Ramzan & forty of Lent is fasting feasting & piety but Karwa Chauth is regressive..

If a flank of a cow is a gastronomical delight but a boiled dog at Yulin Dog Festival repulsive..

If a jockey whipped horse on the races is sporting but Jalikattu reminds you of animal rights..

If goat sacrifice at Eid is a time worn tradition but dogs traumatised at Diwali is cruel..

If  you use rain showers jacuzzis swimming pools the year round but worry about wasting water on one Holi a year..

If hijab is choice but ghungat coercive..

If little Santas singing carols at malls are cute but little Hanumans make you fear ‘Hindutva’ influence..

If you won’t celebrate Diwali because of Junaid but will celebrate Eid & Xmas despite the blood letting in Kerala & Bengal..

Then you need to ask yourself –

Why is my perception & understanding so selective ?

My intellectualism stunted ?

And most important why am I a mirror of very people I ridicule, albeit in English ?

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