About Those Professional Gravediggers….

The thing about us Indians is, that we have been trained to believe that nothing good can happen here –

~See I told you the kerosene will run out…

~See I told you they adulterate milk…

~See I told you the job will be done if you pay up…

~See I told you that the electricity meter can be fixed…

~See I told you that kid will get way in the hit & run case…

~See I told you black money would be back…

Now the same cynical fixers who feasted on our ‘system’ and broke the spine of this country are wondering –

~Surely, India couldn’t have got it right !

~These guys were suppose to fall like flies !

~Where the hell is that monumental disaster ? 

~They couldn’t have disposed off  the dead without us ?

Yes it does seem, as the professional gravediggers of integrity, hope and optimism see redundancy stare right back at them, they will begin another ploy to erode us…..

But having tasted resolve and pride it’s no longer so easy….


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