And We Ask Too Late, How Did This Come To Pass….?

For decades we watched films that catered to the lowest common denominator.

That not only dumbed down our cinematic sense but also froze us in a happy, unquestioning state that suited the powers-that-be.

With lazy scripts, lyrics, mandatory songs, item numbers, puerile slapstick humour, the unreal portrayal of Devis & ‘fallen’ women, heroes on celluloid that in real life should have been serving jail terms, the subliminal messaging of stereotypes we created Demi-Gods who sold us this crap.

And those Demi-Gods exposed a goldfish level intelligence when they not only gave Headley a tour of the city, held up placards, selectively outraged, lectured us and instigated riots as well.

And we ask too late how did this come to pass?

We allowed politicians to loot, plunder, destroy states because they made us laugh with their rustic humour.

When the next lot arrived, they didn’t even bother with such ‘niceties’ but put the fear in us, Mafia style.

And we ask too late how did this come to pass?

Night after night on Prime Time TV the same people are given a platform, assaulting our intelligence as defence experts today, economists tomorrow, thereafter historians, political analysts or what have you….They are given space and opportunity to amplify what would be considered treason in any half decent democracy.

Then when a Pulwama or Galwan happens, we are insulted by their glee and gloating…

And we ask too late how did this come to pass?

Is it because ONCE we found them funny, a comic relief in discussions concerning national security, the economy, in matters of State, armed forces, terrorist attacks…?

The Anchors themselves seem to have scant respect for some of their own guests and get off by insulting them – which makes one wonder why at all are they there except to torture the viewer.

Many have also argued that this is a good way to draw out the termite, but that reason is well past it’s best by date.

Having outed this lot may we out the next batch please ?

One would think more than anything else the choice of these panellists tells us about our own level of intellect and our own limited desire to understand and be informed.

The argument that TV channels invite them to kick up TRPs with tamasha doesn’t hold as you only have to see how eagerly viewers look forward to intelligent, well informed, articulate panellists.

Thus, before opinion & debate in this country is dumbed down any further and we ask too late how did this come to pass?

We Must Demand Better!

Or we should switch off our TVs at Prime Time in protest.


  1. Many years ago, I decided that I will not watch TV and depend entirely on the print media for my news and have not regretted that decision. I hear others complaining just as you do here and I would simply agree with your last sentence.

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    1. Well after reading three newspapers daily and four on weekends for decades, I gave up newspapers in 2016 and haven’t regretted it once. As for Prime Time TV I see it only when absolutely necessary, mostly mute, catching the epileptic inducing headlines, flashing across the screen…!


  2. I’ll admit I am one of the ppl who made that argument “TV channels invite them to kick up TRPs with tamasha”. To be honest the level of discourse in our movies, serials and news media over the years fallen down to abysmal levels. As some one recently said the power to change the discourse lies in the hand of the viewer the consumer – the consumer creates demand of the content they want to watch. So definately as you have written ” We must demand better!”.

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